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Bulk! Bulk! Bulk!

How to Integrate Bulk in Your Home

Buying in bulk comes with numerous advantages. Not only can you choose the quantity that suits your needs each time, but it’s also good for your wallet: you only pay for the contents, not the container! If you bring your own container, you also reduce waste. What’s there not to like about this?

At Urbaneco, we believe that an eco friendly home goes beyond our company’s measures to reduce the ecological footprint of your home; it’s also a lifestyle. This is why we like to offer a gift basket from l’Écoloboutique, to our clients, which includes eco friendly soaps and household products that you can refill afterwards.

How to integrate bulk into your home without clashing with your interior design?

Our interior designer Valérie Bibeau says: ‘’The key is to buy nice containers that will last for a long time. For example, nice glass bottles for your shampoo and conditioner can add and elegant and clean look to your bathroom’’. On that note, Écoloboutique sells body products in bulk. Goodbye ugly plastic bottles, hello pretty glass pumps!

UrbanÉco has a few favourites you can integrate in you home. The Quebec-based company Simons sells a cute container for 14,00$ that you can buy here. For a minimalist approach, the Canadian company June Home Supply offers a selection of amber and transparent glass bottles at a low cost. Finally, our absolute must-have is Nany Montreal’s Quebec hand-made linen bag Julio that is sold in three different sizes. A smart investment for a beautiful, sustainable home.

Our Sherbrooke readers will be glad to know that Écoloboutique and Le Silo, , a store that sells food products in bulk, will each open a new store in Rock Forest, near our eco district Les Boisés Sherbrooke! The model home of Les Boisés is for sale at a 50 000$* discount and lots are still available for purchase and construction. Your new trendy and eco friendly lifestyle awaits you!

*Certain conditions apply.