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Construction de maisons écologiques et saines

Our approach

UrbanEco approaches every day with enthusiasm for meeting the challenge of building high quality homes, certified- as a minimum standard- Novoclimat. A close cooperation between the key players along with effective tracking and control procedures ensure a harmonious and efficient building site.


Construction de maisons écologiques et saines Construction de maisons écologiques et saines Construction de maisons écologiques et saines Construction de maisons écologiques et saines



Since we undertake both design and construction, we assume full responsibility on both fronts and our clients never end up stuck between a rock and a hard place. Consequently, the design team opts for optimum architectural choices with feasibility and construction costs in mind. As for our construction teams, they are thoroughly familiar and well informed about the inherent specifics of all our construction projects and with the high standards of quality expected. Quality control is ensured by our superintendent, our foremen and in certain instances, one of our designers. Moreover, numerous required construction site inspections are conducted by third parties such as the city or municipality, and certification organizations (such as Novoclimat and LEED) send their own representative to evaluate our houses during the construction and after.

Turnkey house

UrbanÉco offers a turnkey house construction, so you don’t have to worry about anything but moving in when your eco-friendly dream house is ready. In the interest of taking care of your health and the environment, we also provide you with various cleaning products that are found to be very efficient, yet harmless from the Écolo Boutique, in Sherbrooke!

Split chores

We like to offer a certain flexibility to our clients to make their life-time project come true. If you’re a ‘’handyman’’ who likes to get involved or wish to lower construction costs, it is possible for us to only do a few steps of the process. We could, for example, only build the structure of the house, or build everything but leave the indoor finishes to you!