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Quality over quantity: wooden toys for your children!

It's a win-win for your children... and you!

Purchasing wooden toys comes with many advantages for you and your kin: they are durable, sustainable, they stimulate your child’s senses and they are easy to integrate with the interior of your eco friendly home.

An Investment, not an Expense

It is true that wooden toys are generally more expensive than plastic ones. However, by choosing quality over quantity and buying fewer toys, your children will appreciate and cherish them more. Their durability also allows them to be passed down generations or from the oldest to the youngest child, so no need to buy new toys every few weeks!

Most wooden toys are made in Quebec, Canada or Europe, whereas plastic toys are made in Asia. Buying local is good for the economy and it supports smaller companies who offer better products to their consumers and conditions for their workers.


Healthy and Eco Friendly

Wooden toys are also better for the environment, as the wood used to built them often comes from a sustainable forest exploitation (certified ‘’PEFC’’ or ‘’FSC’’). Their coats and tints are usually lead-free and made out of beeswax, plant-based oils or water based colour. You can rest assured that they won’t be harmful to your children’s health, especially the little ones who can have a tendency to put them in their mouth.

As for plastic toys, they often contain harmful substances such as petroleum, gas, coal, lead, allergenic substances, endocrine disruptors and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds).

Inspire Creativity

Have you ever seen a kid press a button on a toy over and over to produce a sound or a light? And you wished they would just STOP? With wooden toys, you will never have to worry about such thing, and they don’t require batteries to operate them! They are shaped with simple forms which makes them timeless and soft to touch. This leaves room for your child’s imagination and stimulates their senses. Finally, when you are ready to put them away, they will integrate your home decor perfectly.


Say goodbye to loud and cheap plastic toys, and hello to durable toys that won’t harm your children’s health!

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