Houde-Blais-Heintz : Novoclimat certified

We design houses to make dreams come true. This project was originally designed by another firm and we were contacted to do construction. During a discussion with the clients, they told us about all the architectural compromises they had made in order to meet their budget. Hearing the description of their original dream, it was obvious to us that there was a simpler, more accessible, and equally thoughtful way to achieve it. So we came up with a brand new plan a few days later, one that respected their budget and was based on their personalities, desires and their ways of living in the space. A generous, open living environment with floor-to-ceiling glass in the dining room, a living room bench nested between the warm fireplace and the grand openings. This space brings the project to life and gives justice to these owners. Built on two floors, this home has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a multi room perfect for remote work and hobbies! A practical, functional and elegant home that reflects the family that lives in it. Photo credit : @EmmanuelleRoberge