What exactly is a healthy eco-friendly UrbanEco home?


Novoclimat and LEED Certification

Novoclimat certification is the minimal aim for UrbanEco construction projects, with LEED certification left to your discretion. Our purpose is to guide you by proposing standard specs and various options for materials and components, leading to LEED and Novoclimat certifications. We will guide you throughout this process, sharing the advantages and constraints of every possible choice.

Eco-responsible Design

Our approach favours the following characteristics: superior building envelope air and water-tightness; passive solar and bioclimatic design; low water consumption; local, noble and sustainable materials; respectful site planning; reduced construction-related site impacts and ecological landscape design.

A Smart Investment

Construction costs for this type of housing can be higher at first, however these are offset in particular by very low energy consumption (up to 70% less for heating), low maintenance and repair costs, higher resale value and accordingly, greater capital appreciation over time.

A Home that has your Health at Heart 

Materials, paints and coatings with either low or VOC-free emissions (volatile organic compounds, notably carcinogenic compounds or endocrine disruptors); greatly reduced risk of mould due to the quality of the thermal envelope and the attention paid to proper ventilation; cleanable ventilation ducts; protection of the ventilation system during construction; radon gas (a naturally occurring carcinogenic gas) vent installation and conscientious electrical entrance placement for reduced exposure to electromagnetic fields.

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