Our Projects


At UrbanEco, we do more than build healthy eco-friendly homes; we also like to engage in the further step of practicing ecological urbanism. Several key factors are taken into consideration or favored in the development and achievement of such projects: densification, conservation and protection of sensitive environments rich in biodiversity, shared use green spaces and buildings or halls, energy and food production, rainwater runoff management, harmony and beauty, respect for privacy and quietude.

We have developed several eco-district projects for which we are able to provide the following services, both in-house and by means of our network of trusted collaborators: conceptualization of the project, presentation to citizens and their elected representatives, zoning modification, ecological inventories, applications for permits and approvals, infrastructure engineering, preparation of calls for tender, finalization of contractual agreements with sub-contractors, infrastructure monitoring and quality control, marketing and sales.


Le Champ des Possibles

Located in Waterville in the Eastern Townships (Estrie), this sustainable real estate development project is zoned for twenty LEED certified houses.


La COOP des Prés

This is the le Champ des Possibles project in Waterville in Coop form. It offers healthy eco-friendly living at a very affordable cost.

Les Boisés UrbanÉco

A new real estate development in Sherbrooke, Les Boisés UrbanEco offers access to an environmentally balanced and human scale living option that is both urban and close to nature.

UrbanÉco Construction - Ciel de St-Étienne

Le ciel de St-Étienne

This eco-housing project is comprised of six lots, two of which will be owned in co-property by the owners of the four others. Lot size is 1.5 acres each.