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Main office

Model home

201 Highland
Waterville, Québec
J0B 3H0

Head office

UrbanÉco Inc.
401 London
Sherbrooke, Québec
J1H 3M8

Director of Architecture and Design

Étienne Ricard

819-481-1183 extension 102

Construction Director

Jean-François Carrier
Carpenter-joiner (Journeyman)

819-481-1183 extension 103


Building Engineering, Energy Use and Estmates

Éric Favreau, ing.
Certified energy manager

819-481-1183 extension 105


Construction Project Manager

Adèle Breton B.Gest., M.Env

819-481-1183 extension 104

Architectural Technologist

Jonathan Poliquin, T.P.

Architectural Technologist

Technician in Applied Ecology

Sales and Communications Assistant

Léanie Gourdeau

(819) 481-1183 extension 115


Managing Director

Real Estate Development and Sales

François Gourdeau, MBA

819-481-1183 extension 101

Administration and Accounting

Vicky Guillemette

819-481-1183 extension 110


David Dumas


ERo_2016.07 - Urbaneco-123_w

Architectural Technologist & Designer

Valérie Bibeau

Architectural Technologist

B.A in Environmental Design



Émilie Gagnon

(819) 481-1183 extension 116

A few of the advantages of doing business with UrbanEco

  • We strive to be socially responsible, while promoting the well-being and involvement of employees.
  • We aim to close the production-use-disposal loop for materials, limiting landfill.
  • We use regionally sourced products that respect the environment and workers.
  • Our effective planning avoids building spaces that will not serve to their full potential.
  • Our service offers are prepared with full transparency and detail, we take pride in quality work and above all, are attuned to our customers.

Whereas traditional general contractors have inadequate mastery of ecological techniques, UrbanEco strives to demystify and simplify them for their optimal implementation.

In summary, we deploy innovative techniques, rigorous project planning and transparency in our business relationships and dealings, emphasizing effective communication between all stakeholders and drawing from our passion for eco-friendly building to construct superior quality green projects.

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