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To create inspirational living spaces that are bathed in natural light, functional and comfortable, tailored for your preferences, budget and restrictions while respecting the environment, your health and that of your loved ones: that is our mission!



Our design team will accompany you for every step of the creative process to create the ideal custom-made home for you to enjoy your desired lifestyle.

Our team of enthusiastic experts is always relatable and ready to give their best on projects ranging from the most modest of single-family homes up to more complex or high-end projects: inter-generational, semi-detached or multi-unit housing, indoor pools, medical clinics and others.

You already have your architect and would like an UrbanEco construction? We will be pleased to discuss with your architects to finalize the particulars of construction and propose green alternatives where possible, in keeping with the project’s technical and budgetary imperatives.



Although we seek simplicity in terms of the conceptual approach, we also love technical challenges. New materials, innovative techniques, alternative energy production and recuperation systems, autonomous houses… Whatever your project entails, we’re up to the challenge! Our intimate knowledge of materials will also enable us to integrate recuperated lumber and recycled materials into your project if desired.



First and foremost, we will be attentive to your vision. This approach is supported by a questionnaire on project design and launch choices. Our design approach encompasses the global site characteristics to maximize the passive solar energy input and make the best use of the topography and specificities of the terrain and the surrounding environment. We will also address the zoning restrictions and other regulatory constraints from the onset of your project. Another of our strengths is always having construction imperatives in mind throughout the process as we construct most of the structures we design!



We can start from a blank page to create your dream home. Or you can consult our library of plans from previous projects, style studies and eco-friendly model homes designed by our team. We can also proceed from a plan or inspirational images you provide, tailoring them to your reality and the intended site.

Our architectural drawings are drafted using powerful software specifically designed for building conception. This allows for detailed project visualization with high quality 3D renderings.

Our construction plans and estimates are especially precise and rich in detail. You will benefit from the added value of having design and construction handled under one roof. Our design and construction teams mutually enrich each other with every project through a free flow of information and ideas.

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From nascent idea to construction, seven major steps mark the project process: financial pre-feasibility analysis, information gathering, preliminary drawings, plans for permitting and submission, construction submission, plans and quote for construction, and finally, construction.

Budgetary imperatives are always a prime consideration and our approach is to propose three estimates at the design phase, followed by a quote upon completion of the process. We can offer guidance when needed to navigate the structure and steps involved in completing financing. Certain financial incentives are available for LEED and Novoclimat 2.0 certifications.

From beginning to end of the process, we strive to make your experience agreeable, transparent and as harmonious and fluid as possible.

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Étienne Ricard
Director of Architecture and Design

Jonathan Poliquin
Architectural Technologist

Eric Favreau
Building Engineering, Energy Use and Estimates

Valérie Bibeau - Technologue en architecture et designer

Valérie Bibeau
Architectural Technologist and Designer

is an acronym signifying “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design”. In Canada, certification is managed by the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC). This is a third-party certification program recognized as the international mark of excellence for green buildings, establishing ratings for sustainable building design, construction and operation.

UrbanEco is a member of the Canada Green Building Council and promotes, in line with its values, the design and construction of LEED certified buildings.

This certification operates on a voluntary basis and serves to advise in the design and construction of the highest quality sustainable homes, helping make them energy and resource efficient and healthy for their occupants. This is the certification process that progresses the most quickly on the market, as the rating criteria encompass all aspects related to buildings and the third-party verification system reassures both customers and investors.

LEED certification requires home builders to document the green characteristics of buildings constructed and measures taken to ensure their sustainability. Naturally, this process heightens energy performance and the overall quality of residences by submitting them to third-party evaluation.

UrbanEco is thoroughly familiar with the LEED rating system and consequently can effectively guide you towards certification acceptance.

For further information, consult the official site of the Canada Green Building Council.

You can also consult our page on the Écohabitation website, the resource providing ecological housing information.