Passive solar home construction certified LEED and Novoclimat 2.0

To create inspirational living spaces that are bathed in natural light, functional and comfortable; to design architectural plans tailored for your preferences, budget and restrictions; to construct your building while respecting the environment, your health and that of your loved ones: that is our mission.

Passionate about healthy eco-friendly construction, we work on projects ranging from optimized modest homes to more complex or high-end buildings: inter-generation, semi-detached and multi-unit housing, indoor pools, prestige homes, medical clinics and commercial buildings. The expertise of our teams assures superlative quality building construction. Dedicated and attentive to detail, our know-how and experience deliver the superior standards of quality that set us apart.

Our global approach as a general contractor relies upon a team skilled in architecture, design, cost estimation, building engineering, project management and construction. On your lot or one of ours, starting from a plan or a blank page as inspiration, together we can create the home of your dreams.

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